ASSW2015 / April 23-30, 2015 Toyama International Conference Center, Toyama, Japan


  • Time: 18:30-20:30 Apr. 24, 2015
  • Place: 3F Foyer, Toyama International Conference Center
  • Organizer: ASSW2015LOC
  • Style: Standing, buffet style
  • MC: Yuji Kodama


18:30-18:31 Opening
18:31-18:40 Welcome speech by Kazuyuki Shiraishi , Chair of LOC
Greeting by Susan Barr, IASC President
Welcome speech by Masashi Mori, Toyama City Mayor
18:40-18:43 Toast by Shunro Endo, President of Toyama University
18:43-20:25 Confabulation
20:25-20:29 Closing by Tetsuo Ohata, Vice-chair of LOC
20:30 Close


  • Time: 18:30-20:30 Apr. 26, 2015
  • Place: 3F Foyer, Toyama International Conference Center
  • Organizer: LOC
  • Style: Standing, buffet style (drinks, light meals)
  • MC: Tetsuo Sueyoshi


18:30 Opening
18:31-18:33 Welcome speech by Hiroyuki Enomoto, the vice-chair of LOC
18:33-18:42 Greeting by David Hik, ICAPIII Chair
Guest speech by Keizo Yamaguchi, President of Hokkaido University
Guest speech by Asahiko Taira, President of JAMSTEC
18:42-18:45 Toast by Atsumu Ohmura, ISAR-4 SSC, Professor Emeritus, ETH
18:45-20:28 Confabulation
20:28-20:30 Closing speech by Atsuko Sugimoto, ISAR-4 Chair
20:30 Close

Reception and Icebreaker are
- Free entry to all the participants except the side meeting pass holders.
- Please bring you conference name tag with you.