ASSW2015 / April 23-30, 2015 Toyama International Conference Center, Toyama, Japan

The banquet is now fully booked. Unfortunately we cannot take any further bookings for it.

Thank you to all who have committed to participating in it.


  • Time: Apr. 29, 2015 19:00-21:00
  • Place: ANA Crowne Hotel
  • Attendee: ISAR-4/ICARPIII Participants and Invited
  • Organizer: ASSW2015 LOC
  • Style: Seating, buffet style
  • MC: Kazuyuki Shiraishi and Yuji Kodama


19:00 Opening
19:01- Welcome speech by Atsumu Ohmura, ISAR-4 SSC member, professor emeritus,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
19:06- Guest speech and toast by Allen S. Greenberg, United States Consul General,
19:11- Confabulation
20:00- Japanese Drum performance
20:20- Confabulation
20:55- Closing remarks by Tetsuo Ohata, Vice-chair of LOC
20:55 Close